By Robin Roughley


Published February 22nd 2018 by Bloodhound Books

Thank you to Bloodhound Books and Net Galley for a free copy of this book in trade for an honest review.

My ratings : 3 out of 5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads

When the mutilated remains of local hard man, Tam Whitlow, are found tied to a chair, in a dilapidated building, Marnie Hammond and the team believe the murder could be gang-related.
Whitlow worked for Jimmy Rae, a man who hides behind the facade of local businessman but whose empire has been built on fear and extortion. However, it appears that someone is trying to take over from Rae, someone who is willing to commit horrific killings to achieve their goal.
Meanwhile, Tom Conway is looking for his oldest friend, John Hall, who is missing along with his young daughter, Rowan. As Conway starts to ask questions he finds himself in grave danger.
Is there a link between the missing man and the spate of murders?
Will Tom or Marnie discover the truth before it is too late?
As the body count rises, Marnie realises that there is someone in the shadows, someone who will never rest until they have had their revenge.


This is a complicated read but interesting if you like twisted plot and unrelated clues. It’s something that you really need to follow from the beginning until the end. And then not to mention there are some characters that comes in the middle or mentioned in the beginning of the book to come up later near the end. It really drives me crazy for reading this book.

At first glance, the story feels like a crime involving gangster or mafia. Occasionally there’s a reference to Marnie’s past with her sister’s killer and how she didn’t get any closure (she still didn’t get it until the end). Not until the middle of the book, a mysterious character called “the woman” appeared. It looks like she’s the one that linked all the murders that happened.

For the story itself, there are too many clues cluttered around the entire book. I feel the story becomes a bit unfocused. The plot is too twisty, too complicated to follow. From a mafia crime jump into children’s abduction and murder and then jump again into murder by revenge. It’s too far-fetched. The story about the serial killer doesn’t really come up until near the end.

The characters have strong attitude and personality. Marnie as a police officer is a strong, determine to finish her job but sometimes got drag into her past. What I like is the character of Rowan Hall. She’s strong, a survivor although she’s still a teenager. Tom Conway appeared to be a strong willed man with plenty of love for his goddaughter.

The end is quite shocking and unexpected. At least the ending is quite happy for everybody in the story.

Recommend for those who love a story with a complicated plot, strong willed characters and unexpected ending.

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