La Magnifique Grande Scène Vol. 1

Ballet oh ballet! I’ve always love ballet from when I was a child, but only as far as watching. The gracefulness, the movements, costumes and music is like a dream. This manga really pictured it. This for sure is quite different from other manga with ballet theme that I’ve read during my teenage years. Usually, the story concentrated on the performance, school or love life of the characters. But this manga takes another view: the view of studying the ballet itself. The drama only evolved around the struggle of Kanade in achieving her goal as a ballet dancer. It’s quite refreshing reading something that is not school girl crush with ballet theme.

The Daughters of Salem How we sent our children to their deaths: Part 1

It’s a dark read to begin with. I’m not quite familiar with the case of Salem’s Witch trial, but I think this might be a good graphic novel to picture what happen in 1690’s. Since this is part 1, things are still in the dark on how the story goes.

My Sister’s Ashes

By Rachel Hargrove Published May 10th 2018 by Amazon Digital Services Thank you to the author for a free copy of this book in trade for an honest review. My ratings : 5 out of 5 stars (6 for keeping me up all night) Synopsis from Goodreads He said his wife committed suicide. He said … Continue reading My Sister’s Ashes

Big Nate Goes Bananas!

A bit of too late for the review, but this is actually the 2nd Big Nate book I read. It’s still hilarious as the previous book, but maybe some of the jokes doesn’t really rub on me. But I like it as well. It fuels my need for a good laugh.